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Rich June 2022:
  • One Wildfire Is Bad Enough; Emergency Managers in California Soon to Use Satellite Links to Directly Disseminate Evacuation Instructions to Car Radios & Outdoor Warning Speakers
  • Pow Wow Celebration & More to Be Broadcast Live on New Michigan Tribal Radio Station

630 Meter Antenna Test May 2022:

630 Meter Vertical Antenna Passes First Test
Greg Silas

March 2022:

  • Sweet Signal in Alabama
  • Portable AM Radio Stations Prep to Deploy Statewide in Illinois
  • Do emergency / health managers need a portable IPAWS changeable message sign?
February 2022:
  • Off-Roaders Must Be on Message
  • A Historic Resurgence?
  • New AM / FM / Weather Receiver Ideal for Outdoor Recreation