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  AAIRO is a nonprofit agency of operators, licensees and interested others from public agencies nationwide who manage Information Radio Stations that broadcast valuable messages to motorists. The group's mission is to ...

Sustain a Unique Medium
Support the enhancement and protection of Information Radio, the sole medium public officials have for reaching motorists directly with localized information — often critical to saving lives.

Speak with One Voice
Communicate as a group to regulatory agencies (Congress & the FCC) and related associations about issues affecting Information Radio station rule-making.

Learn about Relevant Issues
Channel news and issues germane to managing Information Radio Stations.

Exchange Ideas with Other Operators
Provide a networking forum members may use to exchange ideas and share information.

Advance Professional Expertise
Augment operator technological development and broadcasting skills.
September 2014: 

Fleeing CA King Fire Flames

The North Tahoe Fire Protection District is employing 3 portable emergency advisory radio stations to allay fear and route residents safely away from terrifying wildfire danger.

Not 'If' but 'When?'

This month President Obama noted Ebola as a global threat. Then, a patient with symptoms was identified in Dallas. As terrorizations of ISIS also loom, hundreds of communities with emergency advisory radio stations prepare to use them if/when needed.

See recent stories in The Source about Emergency Advisory Radio.

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