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AAIRO American Association of Information Radio Operators
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  AAIRO strives to . . .
  • Sustain a Unique Medium
    Support the enhancement and protection of Information Radio, the sole medium public officials have for reaching motorists directly with localized information — often critical to saving lives.
  • Speak with One Voice
    Communicate as a group to regulatory agencies (Congress & the FCC) and related associations about issues affecting Information Radio station rule-making.
  • Learn about Relevant Issues
    Channel news and issues germane to managing Information Radio Stations.
  • Exchange Ideas with Other Operators
    Provide a networking forum members may use to exchange ideas and share information.
  • Advance Professional Expertise
    Augment operator technological development and broadcasting skills.
August 2015

AGREM logo

FCC Approves "Mega-Sized" Information Station
The Avon Grove Regional Emergency Management Group (AGREM) in Pennsylvania is arguably the first entity to be granted a trio of waivers by the FCC, making its pioneering request for relaxed restrictions a reality.

Wrong Day to Be in the Right-of-Way?
If you like photos of accidents and train wrecks, you'll love these shots sent by readers of The Source, showing TIS/HAR Radio Stations along roadways that were in the way when vehicles suddenly needed to occupy the same physical space!

Is WRCR Wreaking Havoc?
Info Station licensees on 1690 and 1700 in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) are assessing how much interference their new neighbor - WRCR AM 1700 - is causing them.

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