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AAIRO American Association of Information Radio Operators
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  AAIRO strives to . . .
  • Sustain a Unique Medium
    Support the enhancement and protection of Information Radio, the sole medium public officials have for reaching motorists directly with localized information — often critical to saving lives.
  • Speak with One Voice
    Communicate as a group to regulatory agencies (Congress & the FCC) and related associations about issues affecting Information Radio station rule-making.
  • Learn about Relevant Issues
    Channel news and issues germane to managing Information Radio Stations.
  • Exchange Ideas with Other Operators
    Provide a networking forum members may use to exchange ideas and share information.
  • Advance Professional Expertise
    Augment operator technological development and broadcasting skills.
November 2015

Gibraltar Firefighters

Fire in them Hills"
As alarmed residents streamed away from the "Gibraltar Incident" wildfire on the California coast, many also streamed updated evacuation instructions on their portable devices...or received it on their radios from Montecito, California's, Information Radio Station. Why is "StreamCasting" becoming an invaluable tool for Emergency Managers?

FCC Blesses TISs
How have rule changes at the FCC benefitted Emergency Managers who use Information Radio Stations (TIS) to inform the public during crises? Included is a link to the full IAEM Bulletin article on the topic.

"HQ" Debut
High Quality Travelers Information Station (TIS) transmitters are going on the air. Why is the audio bandwidth increase of only 2000 Hz important?

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