American Association of Information Radio Operators AAIRO

AAIRO American Association of Information Radio Operators
  mission on the air  
  AAIRO strives to . . .
  • Sustain a Unique Medium
    Support the enhancement and protection of Information Radio, the sole medium public officials have for reaching motorists directly with localized information — often critical to saving lives.
  • Speak with One Voice
    Communicate as a group to regulatory agencies (Congress & the FCC) and related associations about issues affecting Information Radio station rule-making.
  • Learn about Relevant Issues
    Channel news and issues germane to managing Information Radio Stations.
  • Exchange Ideas with Other Operators
    Provide a networking forum members may use to exchange ideas and share information.
  • Advance Professional Expertise
    Augment operator technological development and broadcasting skills.
December 2018 News
The "Old Fort" tells its story in a new way.
Adds "History Station" to Invite Visitation, Participation & Donations.

Lighthouse preservation requires information.
Point Reyes Station

Hoover's History Station
His history is a headliner on a hearland highway.

History Stations
Listen to sample broadcasts.

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See also this recent RadioWorld article: "TIS Stations Play Important Part in Fire Situations, Ten-Watt Travelers' Information Stations Have a Critical Role in Community Safety," by AAIRO President Bill Baker, Oct 24, 2018.