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  AAIRO is a nonprofit agency of operators, licensees and interested others from public agencies nationwide who manage Information Radio Stations that broadcast valuable messages to motorists. The group's mission is to ...

Sustain a Unique Medium
Support the enhancement and protection of Information Radio, the sole medium public officials have for reaching motorists directly with localized information — often critical to saving lives.

Speak with One Voice
Communicate as a group to regulatory agencies (Congress & the FCC) and related associations about issues affecting Information Radio station rule-making.

Learn about Relevant Issues
Channel news and issues germane to managing Information Radio Stations.

Exchange Ideas with Other Operators
Provide a networking forum members may use to exchange ideas and share information.

Advance Professional Expertise
Augment operator technological development and broadcasting skills.
August 2014: 

California Quake & Flood Test Info Radio

In one hour on August 3, almost 5 inches of rain fell on California mountain town Mount Baldy. Firefighter Robert Strickland deployed his RadioSTAT portable emergency advisory radio station to assist the public.

On August 24, the 6.0 South Napa Earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay area. Dozens of communities employed Information Radio Stations.

Ebola in My Backyard? Officials Plan with Information Radio.

With the Ebola Virus running unchecked across parts of Africa, the discussion among many, domestically, has turned to “what if.” Major media outlets are writing about it, and Information Radio operators across the Country say they would employ RadioSTAT portable emergency advisory radio stations, if the virus becomes an issue locally.

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