A coalition of operators, licensees and interested others from public agencies who manage specific-area information radio stations that transmit service and safety information to citizens.
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Eclipse    March 2024

▪  What happens when the internet gets eclipsed?
▪  AM Preservation Act Poised to Pass
▪  UNESCO Designates Radio Our "First Responder"
HAM Radio Issue    November 2023

▪  High Marks for 'The Lowdown' 630 Meter Antenna
▪  New Bandwidth Limit Replaces Baud Rate Ceiling
▪  ARRL Says No to Spectrum Grab
RadioSTAT Antenna Installed

    October 2023

▪  Radio Aids Maui Recovery
▪  FCC Approves Larger, Higher Antennas
Why EMAs Don't Like LPFM
 Information Station Specialists Turns 40

AM Radio in Every Vehicle

   August 2023

▪  AM Radio Deemed "Absolutely Mandatory"; virtually all are convinced of the band’s value to America…except automakers
▪  Will 2024 Solar Event Eclipse Resources?
Signs of Things to Come
Harrison Ford Voices Safety Broadcasts at Jackson Hole

Park Hikers

   May 2023

▪  NAB Petition Asks Congress to Prevent Automakers from Removing AM Receivers from Vehicles
▪  Remote Parks Rely on Radio
▪  New 630-Meter HAM Radio Antenna Available

Post Pulse Emergencies

   February 2023

▪  Radio: a Survivable Asset Should a Community Need to Navigate an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack
▪  Finishing Strong: Special-Event Radio Stations Mitigate Communication Snafu's for Major Venues
▪  Rock Radio Resurfaces: Industry Pro Employs Short-Range Radio to Encourage Driver Safety
▪  Agencies with New & Upgraded Information Radio Stations

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