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A coalition of operators, licensees and interested others from public agencies who manage specific-area (TIS/HAR) radio stations that transmit service and safety information to citizens.
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  opioid audio messages related links & footnote  

Downloadable (right) are zipped audio files with three opioid messages in "natural" (unprocessed) form.

The files are presented in MP3 format. Almost all information radio stations (TIS/HAR) can use MP3s or WAV format.*

Before airing the messages, operators should process the recordings with Adobe Audition software per the processing specifications for each station. Questions on which processing style to use may be directed to the supplier Information Station Specialists (right). Upon request, the supplier will process the messages for operators at no charge.

In addition, information station operators may also provide the messages to local broadcast stations and/or link the messages from websites, just as they are.




(*) Operators may use Adobe Audition to convert the audio files to WAV format (Windows PCM .wav .bwf) or
ask Information Station Specialists, the station supplier, to perform the conversions at no charge.

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